MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Series - RES5

The MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Series (RES5) is our fifth generation total application suite providing technology solutions for the many challenges facing today’s independent and chain restaurant operations. RES5 also includes Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) features. This product offers integrated support for delivery / carry-out operations and frequent guest programs. RES5 truly is a product for every restaurant.

  • Adapts to a mixed service environment
    (table service, counter service, delivery, or curbside)

  • Scalable from small, single-terminal sites to multiple revenue center operations.

  • Provides multi-language support

  • Value / combo meals 

    • Auto recognition of value meals

    • One-touch upsizing and item substitution

    • Configurable “You saved…” calculation that can be displayed during auto-value meal recognition and printed on receipts

  • Serving periods

  • Re-open closed checks

  • Graphical floor plan with table status and availability 

  • Integrated table management with waitlist and reservations

  • Graphics (logo printing) on receipts and guest checks

  • Supports up to 32 order devices and  up to 64 condiment groups

  • 10 menu levels / 10 menu item prices

  • Option to count number of menu items on check

  • Scheduling and staff requirements generation (SRG) support

  • Auto schedule generation (ASG) available with SRG

  • Payroll pre-processing

  • Payroll paid off of schedules, with no need for clock in / out

  • Employee master reports

  • Centralized employee / HR setup

  • Historical reporting of salary and pay rate changes

  • Integration to many third party apps, including: Paychex, ADP, HotSchedules, Paytronix, Swipely and many more.