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Use our lighting-fast handheld POS as a line-buster or to take orders curbside, tableside, or anywhere else you want to interact with guests.

Handheld Ordering
Payment Devices in Store

  • Tap, dip or swipe when paying for an order

  • Accept all forms of contactless payment. Debit, Credit, Mobile and NFC, ApplePay, GooglePay

  • EMV technology with encrypted data to prevent fraud

  • Seamless and contactless experience with digital receipts

  • Send orders to the kitchen in real-time

Payment at the Table or Curbside

  • Give customers the ability to order and pay from the table

  • Speed up the order and check out process while reducing cost

  • Improve Table Turns and Speed up lines and increase tips

  • Print, email or text receipts

  • Extended range with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity

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