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Online Ordering
End the hassle of dealing with expensive third-party delivery services and entering orders manually into your POS. We make it easy for your guests to order directly from your website, Facebook page, and Google. With direct POS integration and pacing controls for online orders, you can boost sales and kitchen efficiency. Better yet, you keep your guest data so you can easily retarget guests to drive repeat visits.
Easy and Convenient

  • Allow guests to order, when they want, from where they want.

  • Utilizes the POS Menu, no website to maintain, makes changes from anywhere.

  • Allow guests to schedule their orders in advance, for those want to prepare ahead of time

  • Available on all devices

  • Offer Contactless and Curbside Pickup.

  • Order with Google - Customers can easily search for and find your restaurant, and then place an order directly from Google with no additional account needed, and no additional fees

Website Ordering

  • Eliminate errors and double entry by sending orders directly to your POS system

  • Update specials, pricing, and lead time from any device, anywhere!

  • Customize ordering hours and days of week

  • Automatically pace orders as needed to control your busy times, Control order flow to the kitchen

  • Cut out the middleman and use our integrated online ordering platform

  • DoorDash Drive - Direct POS integration, orders are sent to prep stations automatically. 

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