Version 2.3 is now available for download on the App Store

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MB POS version 2.3 is a maintenance release that corrects several compatibility issues introduced by iOS 9. Please make sure all iPads in your location are running the same version of MB POS.  

Version 2.2 is now available for download on the App Store

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MB POS version 2.2 contains several new features, as well as many enhancements to existing features. Additionally, this is the first version update to the app that eliminates the need to perform the Finalize step when closing out the day. Because this update contains such a large change, it is critical that all iPads in your location be updated to version 2.2 at the same time. Therefore, we recommend you update all iPads after performing a daily close. Please review the articles below for information on the new and enhanced features. 


NEW! Removed Finalize Step from End of Day Procedures

You will no longer need to go through the "Finalize" step in the end of day procedures. The system will now automatically clear your daily totals at the end of day time set on the backend. 

NEW! Verification and Enforcement of Preferred Wifi 

Wifi check establishes a mismatch with preferred wifi network in the setup file and requires iPad to be returned to preferred network.

NEW! MobileBytes Magnetic Card Swipe User Log In and Permissions Authorization

We have added the ability to swipe a MobileBytes mag card to log into the app, and perform manager authorizations. 

ENHANCED! Cash Drawer Assignment and Operations

We added a step-by-step process for assignment of cash drawers.

Now allow for cash commitment from the cash drawer screen.

NEW! Ability to Add a Future Hold Date for Tickets

We have added the ability to hold an order for a future date and time rather than just the current day.

NEW! Server Balance from the Cash Drawer Screen
We have added the ability for servers to be balanced and checked out from the cash drawer screen. 

NEW! Menu Item Attributes can be Assigned to Menu Items

You can program multiple attributes, upload a custom icon, and assign to any item.

You can now filter menu items by attributes.

NEW! Sort Kitchen Tickets by Course and Seat

You can sort kitchen tickets by course and seat instead of just by kitchen group. More

General Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements




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